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 Live better.

Spiritual Life Studio provides simple, practical, short and mighty meditative visualization tools for everyone interested in mindfulness.  The goal of these meditation tools is to provide information that will help you meditate, for the purpose of experiencing more joy and inspiration in your life and your work.


Spiritual Life Studio

The meditation studio that works with your schedule and goes where you go.

Hello! My name is Jeanine. Thanks for taking the time to visit my virtual meditation studio.  Maybe you are interested in trying a mindfulness practice for the first time, maybe you are curious about this different approach, or maybe you are looking for ways to fine tune your technique. 

The guided meditations on this website are here to support you in your mindfulness practice. Over my many years of practicing different forms of meditation, I have discovered that it helps to have a voice in your ear to guide your process. It is easy to get distracted and think of at least 11 other things that need your attention immediately or sooner.  Guided meditations are often easier because you can relax into the process and know the timing in advance. 

With the constant demands of modern life, it is also helpful to have powerful meditative tools that can be available at your convenience, whenever and wherever you have a few minutes to reset your head space. 

Please start with the introduction on the Guided Meditations page because it explains a bit of background information and introduces some essential concepts.  After that, go ahead and explore the topics that interest you most, whether it is jump starting your creative process, getting a better night's sleep, planning your day, or any of the other purposes you will find here. 

If you don't see a subject that you are trying to find, please email me and I may be able to fulfill some requests. 

I promise to respect your time and your intelligence.  I will also promise to keep this virtual studio light and clean so kids and your inner child feel welcomed.


Kid policy: My own kids have found these meditation tools extremely helpful in managing anxiety, getting a good night's sleep, and exercising their creativity. Please choose the meditation topics that are relevant to your kids if you listen to the meditations together.


Jeanine Tiemeyer is a mindfulness educator who holds a Master of Education degree from Harvard University.  Dedicated to empowering people through meditation and self-awareness, Jeanine has been studying and exploring many forms of meditation since she was a child.  As the benefits of certain approaches and regular practice became clear to her, she decided to become a professional meditation teacher.  Jeanine now teaches meditation and mindfulness to individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds.  Jeanine is also a licensed and ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light in Boulder, Colorado. 

Jeanine works with clients to tailor her presentation of mindfulness techniques to a diverse variety of settings including educational organizations, health care organizations, businesses, and those who prefer a spiritual mindfulness approach.

Jeanine has also worked as a violin teacher in public schools, in after school programs, and with individuals for nearly thirty years.