Meditation for Time Management and Efficiency

What are the things in your life that make you completely forget about your own priorities and run after the distraction like a puppy after a squirrel? For me it’s definitely my kids. My kids and my little business. My kids, my little business, and my friends. My kids, my little business, my friends, and anyone who legitimately needs my help. Ok, I’ll stop there but only out of respect for your time. It reads like a joke but I wish it was!

I tell myself that I have to show up for my community and I do spend many hours a week doing just that. Sadly things have gotten to the point where I could spend every waking minute on any one of several projects and likely not totally get the job done. How and where do I draw the lines?

I take a minute and visualize my personal space as a bubble around me. I look more closely and let my imagination show me who and what is too deeply in my space. I can use an imaginary sponge to collect all the stuff I’m ready to release. Then I fill in my personal space with my priorities. After my short meditation, I’m usually ready to consider ways to respond to the demands on my time with a little bit of humor and a lot more creativity. When I get curious and start playing with my mental pictures and background assumptions, I start to see that the stories I tell myself are perhaps less limiting than I had feared. This process doesn’t need to take a long time and it frees me to get back to doing the tasks that are more in line with my priorities.

Jeanine Tiemeyer

Jeanine is a licensed and ordained minister through the Church of Inner Light in Boulder, Colorado.  She has worked as a teacher of meditative tools for intuition for more than a decade.  Jeanine also has extensive professional experience as a violinist and music educator.  Jeanine holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Rice University, a Master of Music degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music, and a Master of Education degree from Harvard University.