Mindfulness Visualizations

By Jeanine Tiemeyer, Mindfulness Educator

Personal Space:  Get curious! Check the size and the quality of your bubble.  You can clear it, you can set it.  Ideally, it extends about an arm's length all around you.  Tuck it in to your grounding cord and enjoy having a moment to simplify.  Create a space that feels just right for you where you can give yourself a full breath.

Grounding: Feel the pull of gravity.  Visualize your connection to the center of the Earth from the base of your spine.  Release your emotional, mental, and physical static charge.  Let the Earth recycle it to a new and better purpose.

Garbage Bubble: Create a bubble outside your space, put a magnet in it, let it clean out the stuff you'd like to let go of. ....Pop it!  (Or have the garbage truck come pick it up...) Have fun letting go and clearing out!

Gold Sun: See a personal imaginary sun above your head.  Bring back all of your attention to this sun, right here, right now.  Give it qualities or colors you would like to amplify.  Top it off with vitality and maybe even gratitude.  Let that sun radiate its good energy through each part of your body and into your personal space.  Any excess can go down the grounding cord.

Center of Head: This is your command and control station.  When you close your eyes, settle in behind your eyes and between your ears.  You can use an imaginary washcloth to clean out your head.  Imagine an inviting space in the center of your head and set it the way you like it.  Notice if you have any visitors, show them out!  Notice how it feels to occupy this place in yourself, and breathe.